Why Blog?

Lately I’ve been moving around a lot. Life is change and I believe that change is neither good nor bad…just different, but as a result of all this moving around, it has become difficult to keep in touch. Sure, Facebook is great for a quick photo or to keep up with some brief comings and goings, but I miss the long talks with like-minded people.

I have things to share. You have things to share. Many of these things could help us to support each other. We’ve all talked about “Staying on our Path” or more often than not, “Falling off our Path”. The simple truth is that “Walking the Talk” is sometimes… often times…tough. Sure there are the 5 Reiki Principles to guide us, but when the challenges of life conspire to knock us off our path, discussing the challenges and how to align them with our higher selves, can help. Input from like-minded people enables us to become the observer of ourselves. And stepping outside ourselves to become the observer brings new insight to most situations.

With this intent, and with an open heart and mind, I welcome you to my blog. You will often find me here, On My Path. Sometimes I’ll be laughing, sometimes I’ll be crying, and sometimes I’ll just be venting. But I’ll always try to walk the path in mindfulness and truth. Come join me!

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