Sparks of the Mind, Spirit, and Heart…Camping in North Carolina.

The sparks of the fire mirror the sparks going off in my brain as I enjoy a stimulating conversation about methods of energy healing with healer-friends who I only get to see twice or three times a year. There is nothing like the darkness, the full moon and the soothing night noises, to orchestrate the hypnotizing background of this infrequent and long awaited pleasure. The comfort of sharing experiences and seeking the path forward with like-minded people is exhilarating and grounding at the same time. A real treat. An energy treatment of a special kind.

Earlier in the day saw a trip to the movie theater and Fro-Yo with the grand-kids who I don’t see often enough. “Yes, you can have that,” seems to be my verbal hic-cough as I try to make up for lost time with a day of blatant spoiling. So sorry my other little grandson is back in New York, not here laughing with us at this silly movie… but that day will come. Soon he will be old enough for Nona to pack him up and take him on a road trip, camping in North Carolina. I remind myself that I am lucky enough to get a chance to romp with him and his mom often, and so I put my complete attention toward listening to the delightful banter of little girls… one not so little and on the verge of maidenhood. “Yes we can go to Kidzu” I hear my cheery, adventurous voice say as I nervously remember that wall climbing area. I hold my breath as they climb up and down and over and around, much more expertly than the last visit to Kidzu I had made with them a year ago.… Goddess they’ve grown! So intelligent, so agile, so beautiful both within and without.

As I drop them back home, to resume their regular activities, (scouts, gymnastics, soccer practice…) I enjoy the additional pleasure of a few words face to face with my son…something I have sorely missed lately and something that I never get enough of. I stay in the moment as long as I can, soaking up their energy and their love, knowing the time here is short.

Back at my camper… my inexplicable indulgence… my lovely little cocoon… I decide not to waste the propane by turning on the heat, but rather choose to undress and quickly slip under the fluffy, sumptuous down comforter which cuddles the way too soft, upgraded trailer mattress. Ahhh…such a cozy feeling. This is a feeling that a “real” bed just can’t compete with. Quickly and efficiently, the night sounds lull me to sleep.

Another joyful day in North Carolina.


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